Vada Pav and JumboKing!

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A visit to Mumbai and you really cannot afford to miss on the vada pav. My sister who is settled in the UK now, makes sure that feasting on a vada pav is top on her to-do list whenever she visits Mumbai. Much before the concept of vada pav was used as a means for political gains by local political parties in Mumbai by extending vada pav carts to son of the soils, two young individuals (Dheeraj and Reeta Gupta) set out on a journey to popularize the vada pav and make it an ‘indulgence’ food at par with a McDonald’s burger. From the look and feel of the vada pavs to the way it would be prepared and served, every little bit was inspired from McDonald’s and as the story goes, the founder – Dheeraj Gupta even went a step ahead to work at McDonald’s to get a first hand experience into what should be done to revolutionize and internationalize the very much amchi Mumbai’s favorite savory snack and at times a quick lunch / dinner for many! What is worth mentioning is that the duo has taken the concept across India with JumboKing being available at Bangalore, Aurangabad, Mysore, Delhi, Amravati, Indore, Raipur, Pune and Lucknow.

Come April and Jumbo King would be selling its 100th million vada pav and that is no small feat to achieve! Some of the most popular innovations introduced include –

Corn Palak Jumboking:

A healthy & tasty option for all. Patty blended with American corn and green leafy spinach to make a healthy filling in our own soft bread, with a dash of  mayonnaise.

Corn Palak Jumboking

Schezwan Cheese Jumboking:
Jumboking’s lipsmacking invention, giving a chinese tadka to the vada Pav. Available with and without cheese.

Grilled Cheese Jumboking:
Mouthwatering slice of cheese in grilled vada pav. A real feast for modern vada pav lovers.

Crispy Veg Jumboking:

A very good combination of a crunchy veg patty, lined with farm fresh vegetables to make it as a “Desi burger”. Perfect choice for all.


A rectangular, convenient samosa packed in a sleeve; with the authentic taste of a samosa and convenience of a finger food.

History of Jumboking

Jumboking was founded on 23rd Aug 2001, in Mumbai.

For the first 7-8 years of its existence, Jumboking was one of many examples of outrageous entrepreneurship; with Gupta being invited to practically every college around the country to inspire young people to take up entrepreneurship.

The last 5 years have seen the company change gears and be seen as a serious corporate. Franchising or appointing ‘regional partners’ have been at the very core of this shift. This is close on the heels of the brand investing considerably, and forging tie-ups to establish a modern frozen supply chain in place. Over the last couple of years, the brand has appointed ‘city master franchises’ (CMFs) to partner with its growth programme.

Confirming both developments, the founder- managing director Dheeraj Gupta shares,  “Our state of the art production line was commissioned in April 2011, and is capable of  manufacturing upto 1,00,000 vadas a day.” That is a huge huge number!!

Also, deriving from a globally accepted business norm that strong regional partners who operate multiple stores and understand what works locally, add tremendous value to national brands, Jumboking ‘s CMF offering has been for  partners capable of an initial investment of about 50 lacs. The franchisees play an integral role in menu development, regional promotions as well as bring a lot of entrepreneurial energy to the table.

Gupta adds, “We are always on the lookout for  150-200 sq feet stores, in high traffic areas, mall food courts, railway stations, high streets, college hubs and IT parks.”

“Jumboking is the ATM of the food industry,” he says.

“We answer a precise consumer need, when people are on the move. There are larger 2000 sq feet restaurants, more like banks. The consumer today needs banks as well as ATMs.”

–          Zainab Morbiwala – 


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