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No more settling for Machine Tea! D’lecta has a Solution

A walk down any street in India will bring you across atleast one tea vendor brewing tea in an almost burnt vessel on a make shift burner. Those looking at a quick refreshment or just a hot beverage to accompany the discussion they are having with their company (it could be colleagues / relative / neighbor etc.) are served this ginger laden masala chai (tea with some spices that taste best with it) in small glasses specially designed and made for tea that is sold on the road ( in fact these glasses are a fad in some hep restaurants and offices as well!) The reason I shared this example of roadside tea vendors at every nook and corner of streets in India is to accentuate a point – that India is a tea drinking nation. But oddly enough, in India there are just a handful of tea cafes and there is no machine designed to brew tea. The automated machine tea isnt really enjoyed but with no option available that would help someone with a cup of fresh tea, most of us unwillingly resort to having it. This is a common scene in most offices and fast food joints. But things are about to change with Dlecta Café unveiling of the world’s first ever automatic tea brewing machine. The company has already filed the technology for patent. D'lecta Cafe automatic tea brewing machine Tea vending machines that are currently available in the market merely dispense pre-mix tea comprising of instant tea powder, sugar and powdered milk. The quality of such tea are often sub standard and have a sugar content of as much as sixty two percent. The new machine, meanwhile, does not mix tea, but brews it through the use of a patented technology*. Tea leaves of choice are infused in the machine to maximize flavor, smoothness and aroma of the final brew and dispense a cup of refreshing hot tea. The tea can be had black, green or white. Adding milk and/or sugar is as per preference, and has been provisioned separately on extended trays attached to the machine. Creamers made of evaporated cow milk, and aseptically packed, are used in place of powdered milk. The new tea vending unit will dispense a cup of freshly brewed connoisseur tea within thirty seconds, and can dispense up to 400 cups a day. “Unlike coffee making, which has been seeing automation and technological advancements on an ongoing basis, tea brewing has largely remained a manual process. This is because tea brewing is a delicate process. But with the introduction of D’lecta Tea Brewing Unit, connoisseurs will be able to enjoy their tea of choice without going through the labourous process of manual brewing,” says Deepak Jain, Founder & Managing Director, Dlecta Foods Pvt Ltd. Adding further, he shares, “The machine has been ergonomically designed for elegance and space efficiency with arrangements to neatly accommodate consumables like paper cups, tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar and stirrers. The machine itself is easy to clean from the exteriors and comes with special hygiene features. The machine prompts for self-rinse if a selected option has been dormant for over 15 minutes and will also do an all rinse at the end of the day. All wet contact parts are made of stainless steel for longer life and easy cleaning.” The machine is aimed at catering to the needs of the urban Indian offices and workspaces. It also proves to be economical by delivering 100 ml hot cup of freshly brewed tea for just Rs.5.50/-. The tea vending units are targeted at the Out of Home (OOH) segment and will be offered to offices and hotels on lease with a comprehensive AMC by the company. “Another highlight of D’lecta Tea Brewing solutions is the company branded dairy creamer that has been introduced as replacement for milk powder. Branded as ‘Milke’, these are 10 gram serving of evaporated milk and are ideally suited for one cup of tea or coffee. Made from pure cow milk D’lecta Milke has only 23% sugar content and comes in aseptic packaging making it simpler, tastier and healthier option. Our tea brewing unit will revolutionize tea consumption pattern in India,” concludes Devendra Garg, Executive Director, Dlecta Foods Pvt Ltd.


Getting Notty with Knotty Hair

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What is the first thought you have when it is time to detangle your hair? We bet without doubt the pain of doing away with the stubborn knots and taming the lovely curls scare you to death. Well, not anymore! Tangle Teezer is crazy about detangling your hair. And you know why you cannot afford to not have a Tangle Teezer for your self? Read on –

  • A total of over 6 million hair brushes sold in under 5 years
  • The biggest selling hair brush brand in the UK
  • 8 Tangle Teezers sold every minute around the world
  • Now in 80 countries worldwide
  • Instant detangling for all hair types
  • For use on wet and dry hair
  • Great for extensions, wigs and weaves
  • Hair will look shinier
  • Perfect for back-combing

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Need more reasons? Get in touch with us on +91 7738857337 and we shall invite you for a personal testing session…

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