Getting Notty with Knotty Hair

HFS India

tangle_teezer 39188

What is the first thought you have when it is time to detangle your hair? We bet without doubt the pain of doing away with the stubborn knots and taming the lovely curls scare you to death. Well, not anymore! Tangle Teezer is crazy about detangling your hair. And you know why you cannot afford to not have a Tangle Teezer for your self? Read on –

  • A total of over 6 million hair brushes sold in under 5 years
  • The biggest selling hair brush brand in the UK
  • 8 Tangle Teezers sold every minute around the world
  • Now in 80 countries worldwide
  • Instant detangling for all hair types
  • For use on wet and dry hair
  • Great for extensions, wigs and weaves
  • Hair will look shinier
  • Perfect for back-combing

tangle_teezer 38677tangle_teezer 38853

Need more reasons? Get in touch with us on +91 7738857337 and we shall invite you for a personal testing session…

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