Month: October 2014

Enter the World of LEGO

The architect who has designed your shopping centre or retail store will definitely agree to have been a LEGO fan at some point in their life. Internationally, the concept of LEGO stores has been enriching and intriguing the young minds with their innate feature of allowing one to ‘build’ something brick by brick. Post 80 years since the inception of the brand, India got its first LEGO store.



Step by Step –The Success Story of Dhiraj Sons from Surat

‘Dreams do come true. All they need is YOU.’ It is an apt adage that heralds the journey of the Modi family from Surat, who handle the helm of affairs at the Dhiraj Sons outlets. Dhiraj Sons is a well known name in the retail industry that runs supermarkets, department stores, a toy shop, a card shop and an exclusive stationary shop. Three generations and the bond remains strong in the family with each brother, though cousins, being uniform in their goal – to expand the scale and reach of their stores across the city and outside too.


Cycle to Supermarket

A decade ago a walk through Marol in Mumbai would have left one wondering if at all the place would ever see an iota of development, forget the entry of modern retail. Dead as it was with undone roads and community clusters occupying majority of the residential premises! It was somewhere in 2002 that Vershi Chheda decided to do something no one had thought of till then when it came to opening an airconditioned Supermarket in that area by the name Tanvi Super Market.


Small Town Success Story

“If we take a look at Fortune 500 companies, a vast majority of them are retail giants. I would ponder over this; so when I had to consider doing something, I knew it would be retail,” says  Mohammed Azim about his foray into the world of modern trade. He operates a retail store  called Metto Supermarket in Cuttack, and has recently opened another in Bhubhaneshwar.


The World of Clay

As you enter the premises of Rizvi Park at Santacruz West, Mumbai, a small 180 sq.ft odd shop nestled in a corner manages to grab your attention. A step inside and you enter the world of exquisite artefacts made from clay. But again, the word ‘exquisite’ shouldn’t mislead you to believing that the merchandise is exuberantly priced. It isnt. Vanmala Jain, Founder – Kuprkabi runs this outlet to support the NGO she has launched which helps employ school drop-outs and people who are coming from villages in search of work.  (more…)

The Story of Satyam Collection

Long before people started communicating with each other using the World Wide Web (commonly, the WWW), the best means to convey an expression was using a greeting card. The generation today wouldn’t really identify with the sentiments that a greeting card is capable of conveying but for people belonging to the so-called ‘yesteryears’, the place a greeting card merited during special occasions was beyond debate. The story of Kalyan Chedda and his store Satyam Collection chronicles the rise and the soon-to-be seen death of greeting cards. Having said that, the journey he has had over the years is worth sharing.


Getting Quirky and Edgy at MaalGaadi

“We wanted to open something different, the kind of store that wasn’t already available in Chennai,” says Shahin Ansari, co-founder of MaalGaadi, a concept store in Chennai that houses everything – from designerwear to footwear and accessories and knick-knacks for home interiors. Having a department store, which houses apparels, footwear, accessories and soft furnishings, is an expected thing but a store with bohemian ambiance is what is setting new standards in the industry (more…)