– Its all blue with them!

So online grocery shopping is the best in-thing in India? I beg to differ. How can it be? Each of the platforms have a minimum value attached for delivery. BigBasket has 1000, LocalBanya has 599 and has 399. Now if I have to utilize their service, I need to plan well in advance the things I may need to cross the figure for a home delivery. Anyways, that is one concern clouding online grocery shopping but the most important is that of the quality of fresh produce reaching you.

Leme share a bitter experience I have had with Getting carried away by their claims of offering fresh farm produce, I got myself e-shopping for fruits and other things. I guess in the last two months I may have gone ahead to shop with them close to about 7-8 times and each time my bill value crossed well above their minimum requirement. Leme confess…most of my shopping was done on impulse just to ensure that the fruits I was ordering would reach me to meet their minimum requirement.

My last two experiences with them got me thinking if I was on the right track believing them. But the last experience has gone ahead to cement my  doubt…these guys are here not for a long run! Where my second last experience with them can be dismissed, my last def cannot.

The bananas that are to be naturally ripened in 3-4 days remain rock hard till 8 days. I let them know. They ask me to share a pic. I do so and they tell me that they would add the amount I paid in my wallet which I could redeem at  any point. Really? With a minimum requirement of Rs. 399, they really thought I would burn about Rs. 360 to redeem Rs. 34 and specially so when my last two experiences with them were not nice.

When I try to explain this to the customer service executive who called and tell him that ideally they should send me a fresh pack of bananas without expecting me to order for Rs. 399 or just credit that amount in my bank and not in my wallet that comes with *conditions apply; , he refuses to listen. I tell him that this may just mean that I would never return to shopping at ever again to which he tells me, “M’am we have credited the amount in your wallet. You are free to use it if you change your mind in future.”

Wow! Now that is some amazing customer service, isnt it? Specially so when you are paying twice three times the price for a product that is available in the market!

Feel cheated but then do they care? For those wanting to shop at Greencart .in, my advise 0 the vendor down your house is much much better. Had I purchased bananas from him, I am sure if I had faced a problem, owing to my loyalty to shopping with him, he would compensate me without this *conditions apply tag!


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