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If you are active on Facebook you would have noticed some or the other post from the group Mumo-Mumbai Moms. With any astonishing member count of more than 57,000; the group has moms of Mumbai share everything – from pin to piano. Complete strangers to each other, the members here unite to wish an achievement by fellow Mumoian – this could be to motivate someone to lose weight to congratulate someone on their little one’s birthday.


Founded by Neha Kare Kanabar – Mumo-Mumbai Moms is a virtual world filled with excitement. The group gives all its members opportunities to turn entrepreneurs. The first Wednesday of each month is akin to visiting a bazaar and the initiative is rightly named as – Budh Bazaar.  Kanabar takes efforts to unite the members in the real world by organizing contests, kitty parties, member meets etc.

In an interview  with Kanabar, I find out the  inception and journey covered so far.

ZSK: Lets begin with talking about the inception of Mumo-Mumbai – the idea behind the launch?
NKK: MUMO an acronym of Mumbai Moms as a Facebook community was started with a very selfish reason…it was my personal need for a break, to meet likeminded people and to socialize out of my work circle, if not more at-least once a month! It was on May 14, 2014 that I opened this idea to some known and unknown people when I discovered that it was not just me but many more… especially moms who were looking out for something similar! A happy mother can only raise happy kids. This was the thought behind the conceptualization of MUMO- Mumbai Moms Riddhima Chopra was the first mother who joined MUMO and believed in this dream on May 18, 2014 .

group pic12.jpg
At one of the member meets

ZSK: A brief on Mumo-Mumbai in terms of its launch, spreading the word, initial plan of action and if there has been a change incorporated to keep at par with the ever changing dynamics of parenting?
NKK: I have always believed in the magic of believing and this belief attracted me to some incredible women joining MUMO in the very initial phase. These women were incredible versatile talents waiting to explore their capabilities. We joined our hands and made a strong team together and result are now in front of you.

MUMO is now a part of “UNIMO-Universe of moms” an umbrella brand under which we have launched many city specific mommy groups like INMO Indore Moms, PUMO Pune Moms, BENMO Bengaluru Moms and many more launching soon. I would not quote this as a change but yes a very vital imperative for growth and to meet the needs of moms of other cities who lack empowerment groups like MUMO. Every day we receive numerous requests and mails to start this kind of group in their cities. So yes we are innovating and initiating lots of things with changing times.

femme magic1.jpg
Another get-together

ZSK: USP that Mumo-Mumbai holds and milestone moments that you may want to share?
NKK: There are many parenting communities doing excellent stuff but none which is focused only on the needs of mothers and that too with a city specific group. “MUMO “is a much awaited concept by MOMS of 21st century and that makes it unique. Our Meet- Ups ensures that people put a face to the names they are chatting with. Mumo makes them come out of their virtual world and helps them connect.

Here it is not just about quantity but also quality of people. Having said that we are proud to state that in spite of being a city specific group we are India’ s largest mommy community with 57000 plus moms in just 2 years. In these 2 years we have conducted around 28 Grand Meetups and numerous sub-meeets. These events were an interesting mix of Theme parties, family event, mommy & baby alfresco, workshops, panel discussions, marathons and also social drives. Why go anywhere, if MUMO is here!!

ZSK: Let’s talk about Budh Bazaar…
NKK: Budh Bazaar was started for supporting and empowering Mompreneurs and small businesses. We wanted to launch a free Platform within MUMO which was dedicated to helping each other succeed. It is also a very important Search Support for buyers to get the products/service of their choice and that too at a competitive price. MUMO allows free business posting only on first Wednesdays of every month on our Fb community and also on our 98 WhatsApp group network.

“BUDH BAZAAR” for me is a local, independent vertical of Mumo where collaboration beats competition.

ZSK: You have achieved a remarkable feat of achieving more than 57,000 members! This is phenomenal. Some anecdotes that you may want to share from the journey?NKK: Numbers have now crossed 57000 and as you read this interview we would have surely hit many more. And in this process every day is a learning experience – some anecdotes that are closer to my heart are- One where a mom needed a rare blood group for her ailing husband and within 3 hours there were 35 blood donors from MUMO by her side.

Our visit to a senior citizen home & spending time with them was also something that I will never ever forget. Unfortunately one very young mom in our group lost her husband and her parents were far away, unknown Mumoians gathered by her side in no time.

gurukrupa senior citizen.jpg
Visit to an old-age home

I still remember a very old south Indian Mumoian who has sent me her mouthwatering munchies at my place insisting me to accept those as a token of gratitude because her household expenses use to run because of this platform.

ZSK: Since you are so closely knit with majority of the members, how easy / difficult is it to ‘maintain’ a cordial relationship between mothers? The do’s and don’ts of bonding that you may want to highlight based on the experience of running this group so well…
NKK: You nailed it! It is not really easy to maintain cordial relationships with strangers you meet only virtually, chats can be misleading and at times social media can disrupt things completely.

Few tips here would ensure that you leverage only the strength of social media:

  • Be impeccable with your words
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Be sceptical but learn to listen
  • Be aware of each photo/Quote/Forward you post
  • Be very Choosy about adding strangers even if you have many mutual friends .Either meet them and then decide or at least verify their credentials.

ZSK: And let’s conclude with the vision you have for the group…
NKK: Vision of making the world a smaller and connected place. To build a support system where mothers can get unlimited Benefits/Friends /Guidance/Breaks without spending even a single penny but just by helping each other with what they are good at! Every expecting mom in Mumbai should be a MUMOian.

  • Zainab S Kazi –

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